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Art Miller

Art Miller is the Founder of Miller Business Consulting, Inc. a leading financial and operational consulting firm located in the Oklahoma City area. He specializes in working with small and medium sized businesses that have performance issues. His areas of expertise include financial projections, cash flow and working capital management, cost controls, private placements of debt and equity, mergers and acquisitions, as well as financial systems and procedures. In addition, Mr. Miller has extensive business planning and strategic planning experience, both as a prerequisite to raising capital and as an effective tool for prioritizing and making progress toward business and personal goals.

Art has a diverse financial background that includes positions in banking, mortgage banking, investment banking, asset-based lending, factoring, mezzanine capital, and venture capital. As a provider of funds in those many layers of the capital structure, Mr. Miller is uniquely qualified to advise companies with financial challenges on how best to improve their capitalization to reach growth and other critical business goals.

Art is an experienced business executive and owner, coaching Oklahoma City area owners to greater business success and work/life balance. Through The Alternative Board, decision makers are given sound advice based on the real world experience of their fellow business owners and are held accountable for making progress on their challenges.  Peer boards represent an extremely powerful and effective program.  Art has been assisting area businesses since 2006 through The Alternative Board.

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Neal Trogdon

Neal has had a diversified set of entrepreneurial experiences which include numerous real estate acquisitions, funding and exit for several dozen commercial properties, formation and exit of a technology company, as well as formation, management, and IPO exit of hospitality entities. Earlier in his career, Neal had extensive commercial banking, lending, and management experience in both domestic and international finance environments in over 30 countries. This background included workout experience with all sizes of business, real estate, and regulatory bodies. Mr. Trogdon possesses a wealth of experiences, negotiating skills, and strategic vision. Having successfully exited several of his own businesses, Neal’s experience includes succession and exit planning which has been shared with business owners in a broad range of industries.

Neal completed the sale of a technology venture in 2014, thereafter founding WHEELER LLC as a consulting company to advise and assist businesses.  WHEELER has advised companies of varying sizes in strategic planning, business transactions, corporate finance, and other management challenges. Neal is a proven turnaround manager.

Mr. Trogdon has a comprehensive skill set developed as both the Founder of numerous personal ventures, and as a banker and consultant.  These skills include raising capital for growth or turnaround, extensive negotiating skills developed thru hundreds of financial transactions over 45 years, as well as planning skills for growth and exit. His experience and critical thinking enable other business owners to invigorate business plans, execute strategies, and realize personal vision and business objectives. Neal is an inspirational leader with strong client relationships and revenue enhancement skills.

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Certified Contract Facilitator

Phil Nichols

Phil Nichols, a natural Change-Agent, who has reshaped, restructured and revitalized organizations for over 25 years. A firm believer in the quote by Anthony Robbins “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten,” and knows it takes structured change to truly make a long-term impact. Phil is a persuasive consultant who can facilitate positive change by educating staffs in planning and organization, relationship selling, relationship marketing, customer service human resources management and leadership development. He inspires others to better performance. Phil has worked closely with top management in numerous settings to impact their bottom line performance.

For over twenty-five years, Phil has helped hundreds of career minded people reach their goals for success through instruction on leadership, enthusiasm, effective speaking, human relations, sales techniques, customer relation concepts, personal development, and time management. He has been working with the 12 Week Year model for over 15 years and knows firsthand the impact it can have by building a multimillion dollar business on these principles.

Phil Nichols is a leader in the human resources, employee benefit, and risk management sectors, with 28 years of experience since graduating from Bellevue University. As a senior manager in a fortune 500 company, he led one of the top producing teams in the country. He owned his own mortgage company for 8 years, sold that, and then started a business that produced multiple millions of dollars per year. He sold his firm and has since been a sought-after speaker, trainer, and business consultant. Phil is now facilitating peer advisory boards and providing coaching to business owners in central Oklahoma through The Alternative Board (TAB).

Phil serves on the Board of Directors of three privately held companies as well as several civic organizations. Phil is also the Oklahoma State spokesman and Regional Ambassador for Hire Patriots and Patriot Hearts a 501© 3 non-profit organization that serves veterans and their families.

Phil holds a Certified Financial Educator certification from Heartland Institute for Financial Education, as well as a Certified Estate Advisor and a Certified Periodization Coach. He consults with numerous trade and professional associations, business executives, sales executives, and various business organizations across the U.S. and is the widely recognized expert in client acquisition and affinity group marketing. He is currently President of Legacy Business Advisory Group, a human resource outsourcing and business consulting firm. In addition, Phil is a Partner with Exsin, LLC a coaching and consulting organization that works with owners and executives of privately held organizations, helping them improve their business and personal lives.

Married 29 years to his wife Tonya, he has 2 children by birth and 20 by choice, and resides in the First Capitol of Oklahoma, Guthrie, Oklahoma. He also mentors many young people in his community, and manages a private family foundation formed after the death of his son: the Tyler Nichols Heart of a Champion Foundation focused on mentoring and serving youth.

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